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Carestream Health, formerly Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group, is an independent subsidiary of Onex Corporation which is one of Canada's largest corporations.

A former employee shared in a review, "Everything BAD about working at Carestream! Management is terrible! They always blame the workers! Keep taking away pay and benefits! Every year they make it harder and harder to get a raise! Once was very hard to get hired, now any drug addict or high school dropout can get a job!!!"


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Exempleado - Customer Service Representative says

"Gerentes totalmente ineptos, contratos temporales, poca ética laboral, vale más ser amigo del gerente o director que ser un buen trabajador, pésimo servicio de RH, no le dan valor al trabajador y hablan mal del mismo para otras empresas"

Key Account Manager (KAM) says

"Mal ambiente laboral, sueldos bajos, poca preocupación por los empleados. Muy poco desarrollo profesional, tienen líderes con mentalidad muy cerrada y obsoleta."

Accountant says

"El desarrollo de personal es casi nulo, los líderes o supervisores no mantienen motivado a sus equipos, RH no mantiene una buena comunicación, no hay respeto hacia los trabajadores."


"Disminución de prestaciones"

Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo says

"Recursos Humanos. No existe el plan de sucesión"

Empleado actual - Master Data says

"Liderazgo. Existen jefes que por el simple hecho de ser jefes, no te tratan de manera profesional."

Exempleado - Supervisor says

"Liderazgo muy pobre, mucho favoritismo"

Exempleado - Empleado anónimo says

"Nulo crecimiento y poca atención d rh"

Empleado actual - Sales Representative says

"Muy solemne pero esta mejorando mucho"

Technical Engineer says

"Muy desordenado, mala gestión de equipos y cliente. Sin políticas de retención de personal y alta rotación. Bueno o malo las oficinas están en Martinez."

Na (Current Employee) says

"Company culture is toxic and they don’t appreciate knowledge and experience from outside of the company. The company is slow to react, slow to change and is stuck in Kodak past."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Everything BAD about working here!!!! Management is terrible!!!! They always blame the workers!!!!! Keep taking away pay and benefits!! Every year they make it harder and harder to get a raise!!!! Once was very hard to get hired on,,, now any drug addict or high school dropout can get a job!!! if you don't mind being mistreated and talked down to, with zero raises or promotions!!!"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"You have supervisors who hire there relatives. But keep it secret. And another superviser who is dating someone who works for them! To much back stabbing!"

PCO Operator (Former Employee) says

"If you are not related to management or friends of the management team, you are pretty much doomed!!!! Really don't understand why friends or family of management can perform their job really poorly with bad results or get hurt or call in sick a lot and NOTHING happens.... But the other employees who DO NOT have family in management or are NOT friends with any of the management team, basically gets treated VERY POORLY!!!! Employees can make the same mistakes, call in sick the same amount, perform the same..... and the employee who has friends or family in management, get praised for their work!!! Where the employee who DO NOT have friends or family in management get written up, get terrible reviews, no raises, get talked down to!!! Trust me job seekers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS EMPLOYER!!! so many are filing lawsuits now that will bring this place down for discrimination!!!!! So many of us past employees have written proof that one will get written up and another who is family or friends of management, do not get written up for the same exact thing!!!! And even if you go to HR, you still are not treated fairly!!! Lets join together and put this discriminatory place out of business once and for all!!!! Watch the news for the court dates!!!!not a single thing!!!!everything you can ever think of!!!"

Xrs (Current Employee) says

"Every changes happened on the top and middle management destroy employees future. Managers on this company decided to do mistakes then asked lower employees to pay the plenty. I am working long time on this company i had seen strange things , the worst person will be manager and decision maker “ with his self confidence decide something he never think for second what the benefits “ From HR side “ just one word fit them ( not qualified ) “People normal worker are the bestNo HR, No management, bad decisions"

Coater Operator (Former Employee) says

"Really not worth working here unless you are a moron!!! This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for, far as back stabbing, lying,terrible management team who gives bad reviews and put you down, gives excuses why you aren't getting a raise or promotion, but the family member or friend of someone in the front office gets HIGH praises!!!! This is the most WORST, BACKSTABBING, UNEDUCATED MANAGEMENT TEAM workplace that anyone has ever worked at!!!Not a thing!!!Where should I begin???"

Cancer Inhaler!!!! (Former Employee) says

"Really,, this company makes you work all this overtime and mostly without any help or breaks for 12 hour shifts, sometimes up to 25 days in a row.... and during this time if you make one mistake.... it;s not because you are tired and overworked and understaffed,,,, but you get written up for "NOT FOLLOWING STANDARD PROCEDURE" and you don't get a raise or bonus at year end!!! Too many hard workers have already quit!!!! And believe me!!! It is not worth working here!!!! Also all the chemicals you inhale on a daily basis....WILL EVENTUALLY GIVE YOU CANCER!!!! look up all the people who have died from cancer due to working here!!!Get to take a bathroom break every 6 hours during a 12 hour shiftreally not too much"

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Bad management/leadership... idiots in charge good people still working there only because it's the only show in town, otherwise they would be gone too.BenefitsLong hours, zero appreciation"

Just another worker (Former Employee) says

"Really not worth working for this company unless you love being put down, talked down to, getting bad reviews, getting low ratings on your reviews, not feeling appreciated, never getting rewarded, never getting a pat on the back or a "great job" compliment, always getting checked for your hours clocking in and clocking out... not getting paid for showing up early to put on your coveralls and stretching with your team before you start work.... Company is slowly going downhill!!! Don't waste your time or talent!!!Good job if you like working 12 plus hours a day but never getting rewardedsometimes short or no breaks, often zero raises and bad reviews, but somehow management turns everything back on the employee!!!"

Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"I assume that many of these reviews are a bit outdated. In my experience, Carestream is where technical skills go to die. You are hired in as a technical support representative but depending on your department (hardware or software) you may spend most of your time as a personal accountant/apologist. The software is terrible and ancient, it hasn't been updated in over a decade. They've recently combined several software services into one queue, many people only received 2 hours of training on an entire service suite. There is another service they've lumped everyone in with that NO training was provided on. There was no compensation for the essentially doubling our workload and we were not consulted at all. The implementation is horrendous, reps receive several calls that they must triage because they should not have received them in the first place. On top of poor decisions by senior management, the product is easily the worst software I have worked with in 10 years of technical support and it shows."

mid level manager (Current Employee) says

"Carestream still struggles to shake off the Kodak culture. To that end, they feel anyone working here is not worth promoting. Every new management position comes from outside. The weird thing is, even after they hire someone and they have been here for a while, they seem to be ineligible for promotion. The annual strategic review process where Carestream picks the new projects to work on next year, completely lacks any input from the engineering or production staff. It makes people feel uninvolved and unimportant. There is no time to work on anything but the next priority project. I would not recommend working for this company."

PCO II Slitter operator (Former Employee) says

"long dreadful hours, horrible management, horrible upper micro-managing, pay is ok, but they screw you out of money through loopholes. Work is boring and repetitive at no end, always changing processes but expect everything to be zero defects. I will not refer family, friends, anyone, not even a homeless person to this company!!!scheduletoo many to list!!!"

Solutions Architect (Former Employee) says

"The happiest day of my life was the day I quit. Absolutely the worst company I ever worked for, please stay away, for your own sake.Steady paycheckEverything else."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"No chance to move up in this company unless you have family or friends that work there."

Instrumentation Technician/QC Metrologist (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Carestream from it's inception. I found the staff to be back stabbing, dishonest and down right cruel. Lots of politics going on at this facility.I highly recommend staying away from this company.high tecksocialism at it's best."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for a few months then got fired!!! just because i saw something that was very unsafe to work around and told management about it!!! The temp agency called and told me that i am no longer needed!!! A permanent worker called me and said that they did not wanna fix the problem cause it would cost the company too much money... Said too many employees complain but management does not care about our safety,,,, they only care about PRODUCTION!!!!"

Coater Operator (Former Employee) says

"never appreciated or rewarded. bust your butt for twelve hour shifts only to get terrible reviews. you have to explain the "beyond expectations" stuff you do throughout the year in order to get a raise. then the average worker gets squat but the employee that lies and makes up a bunch of stuff get a really good raise. management is so unaware of which employee does squat and which ones really bust butt. if you complain about the worker that does squat.... your review just got worse, and your raise just got lower.... management doesn't wanna hear the TRUTH!!!"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"This place is not a place you wanna work for unless you have family in management!!! Otherwise you will be treated very poorly and will never advance or get any raises!!! If you go to HR and complain, next thing you know is that you will get written up for god knows what!!! The current HR lady will side with management ALWAYS and you the employee will always get written up for ever complaining about anything!!!! I was there when previous HR employees actually helped the employee.... they were FIRED!!!! because management do not want employees to complain about not enough breaks, discrimination, unsafe work practices, or any other complaints!!! The new HR lady sides with management and you eventually get fired!!! Stay away!!!!"

Mixing Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was only at this job for a few years and all I heard from the employees was that management was really bad and that they only took care of employees that either kissed butt or were family or friends of family!!!! I did experience this while i was there!!!! Managers who gave big bonuses, raises and promotions to the "FAVORITE" employees!!!! I have 100% proof of this!!! Let me know and I will provide names!!!!"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"This place is a backstabbing, low life, dying company, with a very terrible management team (who think they are very educated) yeah right!!!! Employment seekers!!! Trust me and STAY AWAY FROM THIS CANCER CAUSING and never being appreciated company who keeps taking from the employees so that these newly created management positions (who are friends or family of management) or always kiss butt with management.... get paid like $65,000 a year, just to walk around but are told by TOP managers to "NOT HELP THE workers ever!!! even if they are behind in production" the moron who busts butt 12 plus hours a day makes a little above minimum wage!!! and management gets paid to watch movies on their phone, walk around day and night, eat, play on their computers???? Trust me people.... It is NOT worth $13 an hour to be a hardworking cancer susceptible, employee who gets NOTHING in return!!!!!Lunch truck comes on dayshiftabsolutely NOT a single thing!!!"

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